Handspun Yarns

All my yarns are handspun by me on my trusty spinning wheel, Arwen.  Arwen is a beautiful Kromski Fantasia who does pretty much anything I ask of her!  Some of my yarns are also hand-dyed by me, usually using acid dyes although occassionally I will use natural dyes.  You can buy skeins I've already made in my Folksy shop!  I tend to only make one or two of each yarn at a time, but if you want something for a bigger project then do get in touch as I can make bulk quantities.  It is better to make larger quantities in one batch as handspun yarns will always be more inconsistent than millspun yarns and doing it all together helps to minimise the inconsistencies - particularly those that occur during the dyeing process.

Below, you'll find links to all my repeatable colourways.  These are colourways and yarns that I know the 'recipe' for and will be added to over time.  You can order these yarns from me in larger quantites and in different thicknesses (DK, 4ply, lace, chunky etc.).  Some yarns I will also make in different types of wools, in particular the handdyed skeins.  You can see my notes on what can be customised for each yarn in its listing.

If you have any questions or would like a quote, please get in touch!